My name is Edem Torkornoo and I have spent the last two years developing myself as a journalist, an online communications professional and people connector. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Journalism. I am passionate about anything related to Africa’s economic development, technology, digital media, literature and babies! I am particularly interested in the intersection of policy making, civil engagement and digital communications.

When my nose is not buried in a book, you can find me managing the social media accounts for Ayiba Magazine or scouring Twitter for cool people to interview for the magazine. This blog is a collection of the articles I have written for various publications.

Why Adikanfo? Adikanfo means “Pacesetters” in the Ghanaian language Fante. I believe that the African Continent is at the cusp of a renaissance and so I started a column in my college’s newspaper to serve as an avenue for celebrating this journey. The column featured the profiles of young Africans who are pacesetters in their respective fields. I decided to name the blog Adikanfo to continue in the spirit of excellence that the people I admire and interview have set. Hopefully, their stories will inspire you. Happy reading!


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